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Allyson Hoffmann

global Leadership Profiler & Strategist

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Allyson Hoffmann is an experienced global profiler & strategist in the great field of Leadership, grounding her approach on her deep believe that the concept of Individuality defines our future. Working with her is your choice if your intention is to make a difference in your world with your unique Individuality through striking - successful - sought after Leadership.

Specialized on initiating and building what can be, on working on what is ready for improvement or on what has been spoiled in Leadership, she creates deep change by questioning the status quo, dissolving what once have been successful Strategies but became stumbling blocks instead and, through establishing the concept of Individuality. Preparing much needed Leadership for leading towards the unknown - the unthinkable - the never done before. The future.

All her clients share the drive to evolve what is for the better. Companies and managing personnel wanting to move forward through being leading figures and role models in their own way. They are striving for being accountable to trigger change and to secure new Strategies for the better in the culture surrounding them. Leading into a worthwhile future. 


The time is now.


Most of you for sure know this saying. For me… most of my life, it was not the time. Yet. Not yet. And I felt it. Deeply. For me it was more like skipping from one unexpected move to another. It was hard to make sense out of what I was doing. Not just for the others but for myself as well. Though there were many great adventures, beautiful places and wonderful people along the way, I was doubting myself on more occasions than I cared for, until I learned that my time would come in the second half of my life. Oh boy, if I had only known that, not just a little earlier but ways earlier. That would have changed everything for me. Even if it wouldn’t have changed a single thing of what was mine to experience, because of every bit was part of my journey and my story, surely my approach would have been different. So much more relaxed.


I would have been mastered waiting for what’s right for me, many years before I actually did. Which is the core of my life and my work now. No more running around trying to make things happen that are not meant to be for me. No more being devastated when all my work did not seem to pay off for that very reason, while the search for explanations of having success but just not the one I wanted became a tiring companion. 


The time is now. For me the time is now. Passing fifty all the craziness of my life developed into something very different. A broad knowledge base out of personal experiences combined with a deep inner freedom grounded on understanding my Individuality and how it plays out. My Image for myself changed profoundly and with it the way others look at me. After failing to be one of the cool ones while I was young – I lacked their inner freedom - now I am one. And while it may sound funny but for me that is one of the accomplishments of my life. To be one of the cool ones. 


Mainly that is because now others get to find their cool because I can support them to understand their unique Individuality. Allowing them to experience a life that is more than they ever imagined possible. Because being oneself, the true one – not the assumed one, is a true gamechanger. Being able to do for others what nobody could help me with, getting to where it feels right for me, there is nothing more magical for me than that. Life's still full of surprises but finally…


The time is now.


So, that’s my story. Who would have thought that 448 words are enough to tell it. But here we are. Truth be told, there is a bit more to it and friends and clients love the many anecdotes I can share. Maybe some time in the future you will enjoy one of them too. Until then…


Trust your Individuality. 


Allyson Hoffmann

The Image. the Art of Waiting


After continuing requests for more on that most important topic... talk & more about it will be coming soon.

the Art of Waiting - Waiting is the new cool.


The topic is all about no more running around, for often ridiculous reasons, to make things happen that are not truly yours and therefore you only exhaust yourself without ever feeling to get to and to be where it feels safe and right for you. 

Through the new concept of Individuality you will be learning your unique process of how to wait for what is right for you, while resisting the urge to be busy every moment of your life, making things happen, let's better say, forcing things to happen. Which by now became the idea of society, to be the way to accomplish success. Having to ignore ourselves as the only way to achieve greatly. Whatever greatly means. The result of that pressure we all came to accept without really questioning it, is the exhaustion most of us experience on a daily base and became sadly used to.

If you are ready to try something different than society is telling us, if instead you want to be successful with your own style while enjoying everything life has to offer to you... this is for you. 

Stay tuned for further information or feel welcomed to use the contact form below for questions & bookings

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