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The Image. Profile - Individuality Profiling




Working with Allyson Hoffmann to step into your true individual Image has a proved setting... 

There is a two month period with meetings, each 1,5 hours, once a week on a set date.

The first 6 sessions are all about the Individuality Profiling - your individual Image Profile.

During the first Profile-Meeting you are telling your story, and then your Profile comes in the following order...

You with Yourself / You with the others - Positioning / You with the others - Communication / Action Fields / Voices

The remaining two sessions are taking care of your questions for a deeper understanding about the various backgrounds.

After the initial two month period every client decides on how to proceed further timewise or it develops natural. 

These meetings are all about new perspectives, connecting the dots and putting your unique and winning Image to work.

The work can also lead to a long term trusted advisor setting, especially for those who lead and are giving direction to others.

And that's it. Easy enough for a process which will most likely transform yourself and your life in completely unexpected ways.

Whatever your intention concerning your Image is, please feel welcome to use the contact form below for questions & bookings

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