Allowing Yourself  a different perspective of Yourself

allows you seeing and feeling Yourself differently

leads you to your true Individuality and

to truly trust Yourself .


Now is the time.


Now is the time to start to invest in Yourself.

Cause right now there is only one thing absolute certain…

Whatever happens in the future you will be facing it…

Being Yourself.

Better be prepared by knowing your true Self.

To make sure whatever comes next

You are prepared to make it a personal Success.

Knowing your Individuality. 

Knowing what is right for you.

Therefore knowing that you can

Trust Yourself.

Anytime. Anywhere.


Individuality. The new game.

My thing is, always has been and always will be people and their backgrounds. Being 50+ now, I can honestly say that my life is dedicated to the individuality of people. Inside out.

With the world upside down right now and many profound questions arising, I think it’s the perfect time for all of us to pause for a moment and to look at something that is happening in the background…

There is an evolution going on in the background that will change the way we as humans will act.

Individuality will be playing the major role and there will be a new understanding for community.

The major change will be that we change who comes first.

Up until now and round about the last 400 years, the collective, the society, the community comes first. There are authorities which have been selected or not. The individual follows the rules of the collective and/or the authorities. To put the other first is a well cherished scheme in this concept.

But lately it gets more and more obvious that this concept is loosing it’s power.

That is because we are moving into a time where the frequency will be… individuality first.

This is huge. It is a huge concept changing and it is a huge change for every each one of us.

We need to learn how to take care of ourselves first. Enjoying personal freedom and power while being responsible and disciplined to make sure that our own choices will not turn into negative consequences for the others.

That’s a big one.

It is such a big change that since 2000 the personal profiles people are born with started to differ. There is a human evolution taking place to ensure that everybody is having the ability to live his or her best life individually. Looking after him or her self first. With the understanding that the own good is to be looked after first. To be of best value for the others.

We all already realized this huge shift in our young people all over the planet.

They behave and act differently. They don’t care what the authorities say. They challenge the authorities and everything standing in their way. They have no tolerance for whatever it is that doesn’t suit them individually. They speak up and act no matter what the consequences are.

And we, the older ones (and older in this matter starts with being around 35/40 now), are stunned. Questions are arising and we can feel an inner resistant to that kind of behavior.

But there is a need to understand that we can not change that. The younger ones are the ones equipped for what is coming. They are living an individuality we were not made for. We, the older ones, have the potentials to thrive successfully in communities, as a collective with authorities. That is a whole different game. And that game is changing. Changing for good. New rules. New game.

We all have to learn a lot these days. We have to adapt to the new background frequency coming. We have to find our individual way in a new world. No matter what age we are in right now.

This is a huge adventure ahead of us. The more and the faster we see the beauty in the new game and learn how to play it, the easier the change will be for us. Like it always is with changes.

Therefore we need to start to listen to and to trust ourselves. That’s the new game. Individuality.

And the new game has already began.

Right now our individual behavior is up front. Collectively.

This virus is like a huge wake up call for all of us. For every each one of us. It starts with our individual choices being a matter of life or death. For ourselves and for others. Can’t be bigger than that. Can’t be more scary.

But also it points us into our new direction clearly.

NOW is the time to wake up and see the world is changing.

NOW is the time to look at our own individuality and trust ourselves to know what’s right for us.

The thing is there will be more freedom and more power for all of us when we take care of ourselves individually first. While being responsible and disciplined in making sure that no one suffers negative consequences out of our personal choices.

That may sound strange now. And a bit off. But time will tell it’s the truth.

We need to get to know, trust and live our true and unique individuality.

For the best of us all.

Cause that is the new game.



Trust Yourself.

We don’t know what’s going to happen in our personal lives.

But we never knew and will never know what’s going to happen.

We just think we can know.

We have the view of our past.

And our mind has it’s ideas of our future.

This combination leads our minds to projections for the future.

But in truth all we really know is this moment.

Just this moment.

Ask yourself if all the thoughts your mind is thinking are real.

Or if they are just projections of a future.

Probable or not.

Don’t let your mind create fear.

Allow yourself to not know.

Trust Yourself.

Trust Yourself in the moment.

Cause that is really all we have and always will have.

Ourselves in the moment.

We don’t know what’s going to happen.

And no matter what is happening outside.

You will always have Yourself.

So… trust Yourself.

Allyson Hoffmann

High Performance meets Individuality.

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Everything in your life starts and ends with Yourself.

Trust Yourself.


© 2020 Allyson Hoffmann

Allyson Hoffmann

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