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Allyson Hoffmann

The Art of Individuality.

winning strategies for Performance. Communication. Image.


Everything in life starts and ends on the human side of things.

Trust Your Individuality.



From a Buddhist monastery to a publicly traded company, from marketing agencies to film, to sports, to politics & more. People & Businesses who stand out and win inspire and build connections through reflecting their unique Individuality.


The one of a kind Individuality of People & Businesses is the backbone of a winning Performance. Communication. Image.


The higher the stakes the more important a strong backbone becomes. The more aware the own Individuality is and the clearer the very qualities are presented through Performance. Communication. Image. the easier it is to be one's own best and for the outside world to estimate the value. Leading to attention, trust and bonding on a whole new level.


Allyson Hoffmann encourages her clients to listen to themselves, building strategies for satisfying success in trusting their individual strength. Their unique Individuality. Meaning the starting point, the main source, the broadcasting frequency for their winning Performance. Communication. Image. is their recognizable, distinctive Individuality. Understanding that a strategy build on true Individuality is the magnetic value leading the way. Inside out. For People & Businesses.

To enable growth and change and to get to future success and sustainability Allyson Hoffmann offers insides strategies empowering her clients to be bold and to move towards the not done yet - the unthinkable - the individual uniqueness. Strengthening trust in new perspectives and courses of actions through unveiling and bringing to light their Individuality.


For their Performance. Communication. Image. to be a master play. Striking, successful and sought after.​ 


The Art of Individuality. winning strategies for Performance. Communication. Image.

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Based on well over thirty years of national and international experience in her line of work on the human side of things and on multiple and diverse educations and studies... psychological, philosophical, mindsetting, mindfulness, nutrition, long distance sports and portrait/sports photography, her knowledge about the human side of Individuality is broad and deep. Allyson Hoffmann published the picture-book 'Polo meets Art' and is the creator of 'The Individuality Profiling'.

With a strategic mindset, a deep base of knowledge, a vision of the future, a sharp intuition she is shedding light on the grand scheme of things, acknowledging the malfunctions as well as the not yet unfolded potentials behind the obvious. Connecting the dots by integrating the clearly specified Individuality into the defined goals and the daily routine.

Also, Allyson Hoffmann has a special knack for a somewhat scarry one-eighty. When the going got tough and the fall out seems not only possible but probable - the Performance and Communication falls apart, the Image fails -, her clients can count on her to identify the strategy to turn around 180°. Out of great challenges or crisis. Into a new, successful chapter.

She understands how to initiate change and growth through explaining what doesn't work and therewith what does work to succeed the best way possible. She is getting under people’s skin and behind structures, knowing inner truths through her empathic ability. Allyson Hoffmann is leading her clients to new perspectives and strategies and into the right actions. Empowering the Art of Individuality in their Performance. Communication. Image. For the next levels of success.


Individual Sessions. Think Tanks. Talks. English and German. National and International. Hamburg. Skype. Zoom. 

For questions and bookings please use the contact-form below or mail to

Personal Note


Leading others to the understanding that living and showing one’s unique Individuality is the only reliable way to provide true and lasting value to oneself, the business and the community around, is the most important part of my work to me.


Watching my clients over the years and out of my own experience, I strongly believe Individuality is the key to success. That Individuality is the change of Culture, our Future is build on. You know Yourself. You trust Yourself. You win. And...


There is more to it. For me, Individuality is the true Diversity. With everybody having the right to be one’s Individual Self. Living the own, most valuable Individuality. To experience the beauty of life. In Business. Sports. Private. Everywhere. 

Allyson Hoffmann

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