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The Image is a tricky thing. It is carrying our personal & business success but is mostly left to itself, neglected or even being ignored. We reflect the way we think we are to the outside world and there it is... our Image. Seeing us for who we truly are is therefore essential. But do we really?


'The Image. Profile' working sessions - Individuality Profiling


Allyson Hoffmann is an architect of Images.

The Image.


A strong, magnetic and lasting Image is all about Truth.

About who you truly are, what you truly stand for, the value you are bringing to the table.

Au contraire to common thinking, it is not at all oriented on what others may or may not need. 

Your public Image is one of the most valuable assets you've got. It is not only following you everywhere but preceding you. That’s a fact. Actually, it is carrying your personal & business success and therefore it should be cared for thoroughly, but is left to itself all too often, neglected or even being ignored. Leaving the door wide open for mishaps of all sorts.


If your profession and career puts you in a position of public interest you want to make sure your public Image is telling the story you want it to tell, has the impact you want it to have and is having your back any given moment. No matter what.


The consequences of not having created your public Image on purpose, making it strong, reliable and in a special way unbreakable can be enormous. Consequences that can turn to be personal in no time. Which is the hardest thing to deal with if your public Image operates out of a wrong Self-Image. All hell can break loose and all of the sudden it is not only your career or business that is on the line but you as a person can find yourself in the middle of a spinning circle that tends to go downhill. Crashing and taking with it so much you’ve worked for and you gave your all to achieve. The worst part being, not to understand why that is happening to you. To avoid all that your Image needs to be on point...


The level your Image is aligned to your very unique Truth and reflecting it, is making all the difference. To you personally as well as to the impact your are making in your world. The ultimate difference to beginn with is... your true Individuality being the fundament you are building your Self-Image and your public Image upon. Or not. That defines the direction of everything you are experiencing. Everything.

Truth be told, even the most perfectly fitting Image is not immune to the turbulences of life. But it will not break. Neither will you. Which is the most important part... it will only get you further because behind every great public Image there is an even greater Personality.

The Image. Work


When you are having a profession, a career, a business which the public eye is part of, or being on your way to come into such position and you want to make sure you are prepared the best way possible, meaning being able to rely on a public Image that is build on purpose instead on quicksand…


Meet Allyson Hoffmann. The architect of stand tall Images.


Based on the individual profile of her clients she brings to light and sets alive strong, reliable public Images that are having the power to transform what is. No matter if it is about the first or second career, an adventure or a calling, she creates perfectly fitting structures for outstanding Images that her clients fill with life. Leading them to be impactful, empowering public figures, needed so urgently in all areas of life. Now and in the future. 


So, when you are the owner of a business, a c-suite or board member, a spokes- or salesperson, an influencer, a start-upper, a professional athlete, an actor, a politician, a key-note speaker, a social leader, an abbot of a Buddhist monastery or any other role model or thought-leader of sorts and…


If your Image is to built, up for improvement, in danger to crumble or already went downhill Allyson Hoffmann is the one to turn to. For new perspectives on your current public Image, on yourself and your doing. Leading to a new and winning public Image which is clearly showing who you truly are, what you truly stand for and the value you are bringing to the table. An Image you can trust and rely on. At all time. No matter what.

The Image. ...  Individual Profile  /  Core Message  /  Story  /  Strategy  /  Performance  /  Positioning  /  Communication 

Work ...  1. The Image. - 3 to 6 month    or    2. The Image. + long term (development) advising

On demand ...  Individual Talks  /  Workshops  /  Masterclasses

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