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Allyson Hoffmann

Profile & Strategy for individual Leadership.




Allyson Hoffmann is an experienced global Leadership Profiler & Strategist. Working with her is your choice if your intention is to make a difference in your world through striking - successful - sought after Leadership. Based on your unique Individuality.

Specialized on initiating and building what can be, on working on what is ready for improvement or on what has been spoiled in Leadership, she creates deep change by questioning the status quo, dissolving what once have been successful Strategies but became stumbling blocks instead and, through establishing and integrating the distinctive individual Leadership Profile. Preparing much needed Leadership for leading towards the unknown - the unthinkable - the never done before. The future.

All her clients share the drive to evolve what is for the better. Companies, managing personnel, individuals wanting to create forward movement through being leading figures and role models in their own way. Striving for being accountable to trigger change and to secure new Strategies for the better in the culture surrounding them. Leading into a worthwhile future. 



Leadership & Individuality. how

The Individuality Profiling offers a two way process to bring to light the individual Leadership...


Profile comes first. To dig deep into the respective Individuality. To build the strong fundamental structure.

Strategy then focuses on clarity and direction. Concentrating on implementation, interaction, impact and timely results.

Leading to growth, change and new approaches in Performance. Communication. Image.  -  to impactful individual Leadership.



Leadership. consulting

Profiles & Strategies are the groundwork of the trusted advice, leaders, owners, executives, boards in all their variety count on. The consulting themes range from crisis resolution to performance enhancement to setting the authentic communication tone. The topic content varies or packages from vision to image to personnel to culture. Leading to trusted Leadership.


Analysis. Profile. Strategy. Implementation.


Leadership. think tanks

The inspiring Think Tanks for top level teams are well appreciated to unite behind the chosen leading Strategy. Highlighting values and purpose as well as gathering behind the noticeable implementation to create the aimed for impact. To stand tall and strong in the crucial areas of Performance. Communication. Image. Culture. For the clearer the leading Strategy is applied and communicated by all leading personnel involved, to set visions, to act on behalf of it and to stay true to it, the easier it is for all related parties to see and to welcome the Leadership as something of worth and value.



Clients. work & benefits

Clients of Allyson Hoffmann are the top level deciders with various backgrounds of start-ups, small / medium sized businesses, listed companies, advertising agencies, sports and, as the latest addition, influencer. Executives, c-suite, owner, boards.


An impressive, strong Performance. Communication. Image. is the result of them understanding and implementing their distinctive Individuality, staying true to it and showing it. Allyson Hoffmann accompanies the whole process or parts of it. Making sure the Individuality is met. Reflecting the way. Holding direction. Leading to trustworthy Leadership.


Successfully connecting their winning Profile & Strategies with the outside world, Performance. Communication. Image., gets her Clients the advantage of speed. Because they benefit from insights, guidelines and, warnings to prevent pitfalls. Gaining clarity, vision, strength, serenity and direction, positioning, action, results for themselves and for those they lead. In all areas. It would take years to put together all the benefits and their outcome in any other way. If ever.


Besides the logical benefits her Clients get the emotional benefit of feeling deeply understood, seen for themselves and, safe on their journey to uncovering and integrating their Individuality as their key to success for their unique Leadership. 

The work of Allyson Hoffmann is trusted in... Europe - United States - Caribbean - Australia - Singapore. 




Allyson Hoffmann. background

Born with an exceptionally high level of empathy, allowing her to see behind the obvious of people and structures, she was set to understand and to master the concept of Individuality from the very beginning. With time she recognized that her unique Individuality was, is and always will be her greatest asset. Her key to success.

While realizing over time, Individuality being the essence of direction giving Leadership, her journey took its course...


Well over thirty years of extraordinary national and international experience in her line of work on the human side of things. Based on multiple and diverse educations and studies. Psychological, philosophical, profiling, mindfulness, nutrition, long distance sports and portrait/sports photography. Granting her a broad and deep knowledge of the human side of Individuality as well as of the variety of structures and processes behind Teams. Businesses. Sports. and of course a love for Leadership.

She published the picture-book 'Polo meets Art' and is the creator of 'The Individuality / Leadership Profiling'. 

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