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Do you trust your Career to be the best version it could be, or...

  • Do you want to bring your Career to the next level? 

  • Are there different options or directions for your Career?

       Deciding which one to choose is all but easy.

       You really want to know which is the right path for you.

  • Is all going well in your Career, looking from the outside?

       But something does not feel quite right inside.

       This goes on for a while now and you want out but... where to turn to?

  • Are you at a turning point in your life, maybe midlife, and want to start something new?

       You also want to make sure that this time around the new Career direction is a perfect fit.

  • Are you young and having a hard time to see your talents and the matching Career?

       All you want is clarity for what is the right choice for a fulfilling Career. 


This is for you when you want to trust yourself living the best version of your Career and want it to be a perfect match to your Personality. Cause authenticity is the true path to success.

In English or German...

One of my favorite things to do is providing my clients with a profile of their personal and business competences which are giving a clear view on which Career path is perfect for you. 

Cause your Career is more than just a job. It is how you make your living and where you spent a huge chunk of your life. In my opinion you better be happy with your Career choice. Because the right Career path is not just providing the means to pay for the life you choose but secures a healthy life. Nothing worse than to hate to get up in the morning cause your Career sucks. 

So, when your Career is more to you than just a money machine and you want your Career to be authentic to your unique Personality, to make sure to succeed not only in the business world but personally... you are welcomed and invited to contact me with the contact form below. 

You will be amazed how much more potential you have than you ever realized. 

It really pays of for you when your Career and your Leadership suit your unique Personality.

Now is your time.  



Based on multiple educations, diverse studies and more than 30 years of national and international experience as a coach, profiler, expert you can trust on a variety of proven and modern working methods and tools and my on the spot intuition, that offer you the strengthening and growth of your individual authentic Personality and Leadership you can trust on everytime everywhere. Leading you to a fulfilling and successful Career.


For any booking request (1on1's. Troubleshootings. Trainings. Talks.) or questions please contact:

hoffmann@allysonhoffmann.com | +49 (0)40 - 33 48 55 36 | Hamburg

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 Trust Yourself.

Trust Yourself.

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