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Allyson Hoffmann. background


Allyson Hoffmann is an architect of Images.

Based on the individual profile of her clients she designs perfectly fitting structures that her clients fill with life. Leading to new Images that are being strikingsuccessfulsought after.


Her office is located in Munich, Germany and her languages are English and German.

Well over thirty years of extraordinary national and international experience in her line of work on the human side of things. Based on multiple and diverse educations and studies... profiling, psychological, philosophical, mindfulness, nutrition, long distance sports and portrait/sports photography. Granting her a broad and deep knowledge of the human side of Individuality as well as of the variety of structures and processes behind Teams. Businesses. Sports. and Leadership. and of course a love for Images.

She published the picture-book 'Polo meets Art' and is the creator of 'The Individuality Profiling'. 

Her work is trusted in... Europe - United States - Caribbean - Australia - Singapore. 

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