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Allyson Hoffmann

profiler & performance analyst

For Executives & High Performer.  Business & Sports.


The Offer…


  • Personal Performance. Establishing fundamental new perspectives of how to think, act, speak, lead - to further evolve what is, to grow into the possible, to master self-integrity. A detailed individual profile (personal: structures - strategies - direction / public: positioning - interaction - communication) and an integrating process are leading to the next level of performance and beyond.


  • Image Performance. Creating a new image - profile and structures when a self or public image is to be built, up for improvement, in danger to crumble or already went downhill.

  • Group/Team Performance. Understanding the personal position as well as group/team dynamics. An additional interrelating process to optimize the co-operation and the performance is optional.



This work is especially designed for those who want more and therefore are willing to keep going when others don’t. To expand personal and public limitations and to overcome them. To create new approaches and settings of all sorts. To make an impact. To inspire. Through outstanding performance.

Allyson Hoffmann offers understanding, expertise and discretion on the highest level as well as a variety of insights, that make unexpected sense, feel right and connect on a very deep level. She has the answers to questions unanswered so far and, is leading to experience the art of individuality that has the power to transform what is and empowers to move onto new levels of performance.

Her work is trusted in... Europe - United States - Caribbean - Australia - Singapore.


Office located in Munich. Germany  /  Languages English & German  /  Skype. Google. Zoom.

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