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The Personality Booster.

- The Art of improving Individuality & Image -

To boost your Career. In Business. Politics. Sports.

Everything in your life starts and ends with Yourself.

Understand Yourself. Trust Yourself. Show it.



Reflect a Personality that is impressive, magnetic, strong and inspiring. Underlined with a new level of performance.

To boost your Career. To get your Career to the next level. In Business. Politics. Sports.



It is gettig more and more important, even essential, to show a Personality that stands out.

In this changing world the only way to continued and satisfying success is, to know who you really are,

what you are doing that is bringing value to the table and what it is you are standing for with all your heart.


The only way you will stand out, stay in people's mind and get to where you truly want to be is...

You being You. - Trusting Yourself. - Showing it.


Your true Individuality is who you are and what makes you special and your Image shows what you are standing for. 


Therefore to understand and to trust your true Individuality and to show it through your one-of-a-kind Image is the key to success. 


Wherever you are in your Career and whatever you want to achieve. Let your Personality speak for Yourself and make a lasting impression.


Allyson Hoffmann’s trusted advising is set up to shape up your visible Individuality & Image. To make your Personality & Career shine.

Allyson Hoffmann's advising is based on... Trust.

  • Trust. Personality boosts Career.

  • Boosting your Personality leads to...

  • Up-leveling your Performance.

  • Up-grading your Leadership.

  • Up-valuing your Appearance.

  • In Business. Politics. Sports.

  • Unique, rewarding Advising

  • Trust. Allyson Hoffmann.

  • To provide you with outstanding and profitable knowledge.

  • To give you new perspectives.

  • To be your reliable backup.

  • Long and short term Advising

  • Trust. Yourself.

  • No matter what the outside game is and who is playing.

  • You know Yourself.

  • You trust Yourself.

  • You win.

  • Powerful, trustworthy Advising

Allyson Hoffmann


Based on more than thirty years of international experience in her line of work and on multiple and diverse educations and studies... psychological, philosophical, mindsetting, mindfulness, nutrition, long distance sports and portrait/sports photography, she created the Individuality Profiling you can only and exclusively get through working with her.


Having a thing for variety and new she loves to create and initiate growth and change. Her Individuality Profiling is especially designed for those who want more. Who want to improve and up-level their understanding of themselves. To be known as and to show a Personality with a clear direction. To make a difference. To make an impact. To stand out. To inspire. In their field of expertise. In their career. In their life. In our world.

She believes in free will, in get your stuff together and in the concept of living the consequences of choices made. She never gives up if it’s worth it and never settles for less than the best she can do. She is getting under people’s skin and knowing their inner truth through her empathic ability. Leading her clients to be the outstanding Personality they are, showing it and creating new and satisfying success for themselves and others.


The Individuality Profiling is an all in concept to improve the inner and outer perception of a person's Individuality and Image.

Individuality Profile

The Individuality Profile identifies and explains the mechanisms laying underneath one's personal behavioral patterns.

Up-leveling personal efficiency through a detailed understanding of how to connect one's direction-giving imprints.

It shows the mechanisms triggering the unique performance a person shows in life. Professionally and personally.

Understanding what doesn't work and therewith what does work individually to succeed the best way possible.

- Instincts - Motivations - Fears - Sources of Failure - Purpose - Drive - Action Skills - Voices - Sales Competences - and more -


Individuality Image

The Individuality Image makes sure a person is being well noticed for his/her unique Personality that is here to impress.

The authentic Image is carefully assembeled through connecting the dots of the personal skills and message,

the external appearance and the communication around the outstanding Individuality, 


Individuality Profiling

Allyson Hoffmann's trusted advising and her Individuality Profiling is set up to bring to light...

The most powerful Individuality and the most striking Image of a person.

Being self-aware and self-confident no matter the circumstances.

Showing an improved and winning Individuality & Image.


To be known for an inspiring Personality and Career with a clear direction and continued success.


English and German. National and International. Hamburg. Skype. Zoom.

For questions and bookings please use the contact-form below or mail to


© 2020 by Allyson Hoffmann


© 2020 Allyson Hoffmann

Allyson Hoffmann

The Personality Booster.

- Improving Individuality & Image -