Individuality is on the rise.

More and more international studies agree that there is an evolution taking place in human behavior.

Coming to understand that there is a thight bond between lived Individuality and experienced success. Therefore the collective willingness to compromise fades and a new self-consciousness leads to a missing readiness to follow predetermined ways and fixed rules. The younger generations XYZ already have a much more natural approach to live accordingly to their personal Individuality. 

We will see that the world needs to adapt to that change in behavior fast. Because the new new is that the collective thought and the heads down concepts to succeed loose their impact. Instead the expression of the unique personal Individuality is the given and valued way to satisfying success.

Bottom line… we all need to learn to be more us and to trust ourselves. Whatever age we are in.


The time has come to let go of all the rules, must do’s and must have’s that were dominating the past. Instead it is of essence to get to know our individual potentials of our true Individuality. To live a personally successful and satisfying life that stands for who we truly are.  

A major field, in which the new new will have an enormous impact, is our professional life.

Career paths and next steps have to fit the Individual to prove to be successful. Next comes the kind of Leadership Style that is successful as desired because of being authentic. And of course there is the ever great question of how to sell uniquely and successfully whatever needs to be sold.

High Performance will still make the difference. Only that those who are willing to walk the extra mile are doing so cause they love doing what they are doing. Cause whatever it is what they are doing - it is their passion and purpose, their way to express and live their Individuality. Nothing better than that.

The secret of being successful in the future is to combine High Performance and Individuality.

This will be the way to make sure that no matter what the outside game is and who is playing…

You know Yourself. You trust Yourself. You win.

Individuality is the key to success.

Allyson Hoffmann. Background. - An outline in key-statements.

More than 30 years in her line of work. Multiple and diverse psychological, philosophical and  mindfulness studies. Lived in different parts of the world for vast, shaping experiences. Worked successfully, international, with many people in different life themes to change their games. Coach for high performer Sports. Being a portrait photographer as a second profession. Published a picture book ‘Polo meets Art’. A long distance runner her whole life.

Believing in free will, in get your stuff together and in the concept of living the consequences of choices made. Never giving up if it’s worth it. Never settles for less than the best she can do. Getting under people’s skin and knowing their inner truth through her empathic ability. Leading her clients to desired clarity, wanted improvement and to new and satisfying success.


Most important for her, after all these years still being totally dedicated to her purpose and passion... her work with all these amazing people finding their way to her.

Allyson Hoffmann. Game Changer.

- Business & Sports -

For High Performer and Top Talents to form or up-level your Career by combining High Performance and Individuality.

For new, personalized and valuable perspectives for routines and challenges in your individual Leadership.


National and international.

Hamburg. Skype/Zoom.

English and German.


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Career Path

  • Framing possible Career Paths

  • Business and post Sports

  • by matching Individuality and

  • unique Performance Potentials.

  • Identifying Purpose.

  • Deciding on next Career Steps.

  • Realization plan. Implementation.

  • Long and short term Advising.

Leadership Style

  • Creating authentic inside out

  • Image of individual

  • Leadership Personality

  • aligned to individual

  • Leadership Potentials.

  • Reshaping Leadership Style

  • to match new position.

  • Upgrading outside Image.

  • Powerful, trustworthy Advising.

Selling Mindset

  • How to make Sales of all kinds

  • through individual

  • set of Selling Potentials.

  • Selling ideas, growth, changes, 

  • unpopular developments, etc.,

  • products or services.

  • Grounding material success.

  • Unique, rewarding Advising.


Allyson Hoffmann

High Performance meets Individuality.

Career Path - Leadership Style - Selling Mindset


Everything in your life starts and ends with Yourself.

Trust Yourself.


© 2020 Allyson Hoffmann

Allyson Hoffmann

Game Changer