Those who are not seen, will not be found either.

- Henry Ford -

The Image.


Your public Image is one of the most valuable assets you've got. It is not only following you everywhere but preceding you. That’s a fact. Actually, it is carrying your personal & business success, therefore you want your Image telling the story you want it to tell so people get you, as well as an Image showing the impact you want to make so people can take part in your journey. That is why your Image should be cared for thoroughly but is left to itself all too often, neglected or even being ignored. Leaving the door wide open for mishaps of all sorts. 


The hidden champion of your public Image is your Self-Image. The way you see yourself is setting how you approach your life / career / business. The moment your Self-Image is at it's best – seeing yourself for who you truly are, what you truly stand for and truly understanding the value you are bringing to the table - and make that the fundament of your public Image… everything else falls in place. Your direction, your offer and your way become clear not only to yourself but to the outside world. Making it easy to attract what’s truly meant for you. People and Business. That means, the level your unique Individuality is aligned to your Image defines everything you are experiencing. Everything.

The Image. Work


You know what they say about true beauty lying in the inside… well, Allyson Hoffmann is the one bringing yours to light, especially the one that is hidden and unrecognized so far. With it she is setting alive a Self-Image that is having the power to transform what is. Leading to a public Image that is impressive because of showing who you truly are, what you truly stand for and what the one of a kind value is you are bringing to the table.


Thus, when your Image is to be built, up for improvement, in danger to crumble or already went downhill… Allyson Hoffmann is the one to turn to.

The profiler & architect of stand tall Images. For leading figures and role models in Business. Sports. Politics. as well as for Influencer.


She is having the answers to questions so deeply rooted in your Individuality that you may not even know these backgrounds exist but they do form your Personality, your personal and professional approach and therewith the way people see you. Understanding your depth behind the obvious is giving you new and beneficial perspectives for your Self-Image and is making clear which route you are traveling best with your public Image.


Having a profession, a career, a business which the public eye is part of, makes it even more important to build a trustworthy Image on purpose. To make sure you are seen for what you want to be seen for… everything you work for so hard and for the impactful, empowering, leading figure and role model you are, needed so urgently by many. No matter if it is your first or second career, an adventure or a calling - through your individual profile Allyson Hoffmann creates a perfectly fitting structure for an outstanding Image that you fill with life. Giving you the power to transform yourself and the world around you, leading to well deserved experiences of fulfilling success.

The Image. ...  Individual Profile  /  Core Message  /  Story  /  Strategy  /  Performance  /  Positioning  /  Communication 

Process ...  1. The Image. - 3 to 6 month    or    2. The Image. + long term (development) advising

Special ...  Masterclass in the original sense. Lectures/standpoints – engagement of participants – discussion of details – implementation plans - repeat. 

The Image. Allyson Hoffmann

She is a safe place in the background for those in charge and for those in the limelight, where they can trust to be seen for themselves.

Impact... The work of Allyson Hoffmann is magically and down to earth life changing on a very deep level at the same time. She is giving her clients the chance to realize and understand their Individuality behind the obvious, how it makes them special and how to live that through their Image. Allowing them to experience what makes unexpected sense and feels right in a very deep way. 

BackgroundWell over thirty years of extraordinary national and international experience in her line of work on the human side of things. Based on multiple and diverse educations and studies... profiling, psychological, philosophical, mindfulness, nutrition, long distance sports and portrait/sports photography. Granting her a broad and deep understanding for the human side of Individuality as well as of the variety of structures and processes behind Teams. Businesses. Sports. and Leadership. and of course a love for Images. 

Allyson Hoffmann… "If you want your Image to be a magnetic pole to what is possible... know, trust and live your Truth. That's all you need."

Her office is located in Munich, Germany. Languages are English and German. Communication via Skype. Zoom. Google.

She published the picture-book 'Polo meets Art' and is the creator of 'The Individuality Profiling'. 

Her work is trusted in... Europe - United States - Caribbean - Australia - Singapore. 

© 2022 Allyson Hoffmann

Have a great day!

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