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The Power to Understand and to Trust  Yourself.

Personality - Career & Leadership - Competitive Sports

Everything in your life starts and ends with Yourself.

Trust Yourself.


Individuality Profiling is all about knowing what’s behind your obvious.

Understanding Yourself.

Individuality Profiling is all about doing the right thing for Yourself.

Trusting Yourself.


Individuality Profiling is all about you being you.

Anywhere. Anytime.


Individuality Profiling is all about no matter what the outside game is and who is playing.

You know Yourself. Your trust Yourself. You win.

The Individuality Profiling identifies the mechanisms forming the Individuality of a person. 

Helping to understand what doesn't work and therewith what does work individually to reach new heights.

The Individual Profiling explains the mechanisms laying underneath the unique behavioral patterns.

Triggering the individual performance a person shows in life. Professionally and personally.

Allyson Hoffmann is specialized in Changing Games through Individuality Profiling in the areas of

Personality – Career & Leadership – Competitive Sports. From crisis to success. From good to better to the best.

Individual & Team Profiling. Crisis Settlements & Solution Projects.

English and German. National and International. Hamburg. Skype. Zoom.

  • Identifying Purpose and Passion

  • Redefining Success-Strategies

  • New Beginnings and Adventures

  • Powerful, trustworthy Advising

Career & Leadership
  • Framing individual Career Path

  • Creating individual, authentic   Leadership Personality

  • Business related Trusted Advising

  • Long and short term Advising

Competitive Sports
  • Up-leveling High Perfomance

  • Overcoming crisis

  • Setting Career post Sports

  • Unique, rewarding Advising

Allyson Hoffmann


More than 30 years in her line of work. Multiple and diverse psychological, philosophical and mindfulness studies. Lived in different parts of the world for vast, shaping experiences. Worked successfully, international, with many people in different life themes to change their games. Loved training the High Performer Sports/Triathlon. Being a portrait & sports photographer as a second profession. Published a picture book ‘Polo meets Art’. 

Believing in free will, in get your stuff together and in the concept of living the consequences of choices made. Never giving up if it’s worth it. Never settles for less than the best she can do. Getting under people’s skin and knowing their inner truth through her empathic ability. Leading her clients to desired clarity, wanted improvement and to new and satisfying success.

Being Yourself. Standing out. Making a difference.


Improving. Up-leveling. Getting to where you truly want to be.


Living your Individuality to the fullest and loving it. Enjoying the best success possible.


Experiencing your greatest Power. Understanding and Trusting Yourself.


You are welcomed and invited to contact Allyson Hoffmann.

To dive right into your unique Individuality. To live the success-story you imagine. Or better.

To change your game in the areas of Personality - Career & Leadership - Competitive Sports. For the better.

Individuality is the key to success. Trust Yourself.

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Allyson Hoffmann

Game Changer


© 2020 Allyson Hoffmann