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Everything in your life starts and ends with Yourself.

Trust Yourself.



Individuality is all about living a personally successful life.

A life you feel you truly belong to.


Individuality is all about you being you.

Anywhere. Anytime.


Individuality is all about knowing what’s behind your obvious.

Understanding Yourself.

Individuality is all about doing the right thing for Yourself.

Trusting Yourself.


Individuality is all about the freedom to feel.

Satisfaction. Success. Peace. Surprise. & more.


Individuality is all about no matter what the outside game is and who is playing.

You know Yourself. Your trust Yourself. You win.

Living your true Individuality to experience your greates success possible... sounds like a must have?!

Allyson Hoffmann is specialized in Changing Games through Individuality Profiling in the areas of

Personality – Career & Leadership – Sports. From crisis to success. From good to better to the best.

As an Individuality Profiler she identifies and explains the mechanisms forming the Individuality of a person and

how to use them to be personally successful. The mechanisms laying underneath the unique behavioral patterns, triggering the individual performance a person shows in life, professionally and private.

In contrast to a coach who is focused to help a person to get through a specific situation that has to be dealt with.

Individual & Team Profiling. Crisis Settlements & Solution Projects. Small Talks & Inspiring Speeches.

English and German. National and International. Hamburg. Skype. Zoom.

  • Identifying Purpose and Passion

  • Up-grading Self-Worth

  • New Beginnings and Adventures

  • Long and short term Advising

Career & Leadership
  • Framing Individual Career Path

  • Deciding on next Career Steps

  • Creating authentic, individual   Leadership Personality

  • Powerful, trustworthy Advising

  • Up-leveling High Perfomance

  • Overcoming crisis

  • Setting Career post Sports

  • Unique, rewarding Advising


© 2020 by Allyson Hoffmann


Allyson Hoffmann

Game Changer


© 2020 Allyson Hoffmann