Working with Allyson Hoffmann is about Changing the professional Game. 

Individualizing Careers in Business & post Sports. Direction, realization plan, implementation. / Establishing individual, authentic Leadership Styles. Building and upgrading outside Images. / Grounding material successes in individual set of Money potentials. 


To ensure great and continued success, highly qualified, advisory companions are of essence to garantee growth, progress, achievements in High Performance. You want to work with someone absolutely trustworthy, having your very best in mind. Success on all levels.


Whatever situation is to be improved or up-leveled in the area of Career - Leadership - Money Allyson Hoffmann is the one to turn to and to trust the moment it's time to change the game.

Her approach is out of the ordinary but she has it proven uncountable times, that the fitting key to up-leveling High Performance and to more, greater professional success is authentic Individuality.

She forms individual Career-Images - Leadership-Styles - Money-Mindets for satisfying success  by knowing the secret of how to connect High Peformance with authentic Individuality. 

Her work is unique, profound, powerful and highly rewarding.


Challenging and thought provoking at first. To get to the best results possible.


But without question the way that leads to the next level, to new heights, to Change the Game.

Her underlying understanding for herself, her work and her clients always is...

No matter what the outside game is and who is playing.

You know Yourself. You trust Yourself. You win.

Allyson Hoffmann. Background. - An outline in key-statements.

More than 30 years in her line of work. Multiple and diverse psychological and philosophical studies. Engaged in Thich Nhat Hanh’s Mindfulness. Lived in different parts of the world for vast, shaping experiences. Worked successfully, international, with many people in different life themes to change their games. Being a portrait photographer as a second profession. Published a picture book ‘Polo meets Art’.

Believing in free will, in get your stuff together and in the concept of living the consequences of choices made. Never giving up if it’s worth it. Never settle for less than the best she can do. Getting under people’s skin and knowing their inner truth through her empathic ability. Spooky for some. But leading to great results.


Most important for her, after all these years still being totally dedicated to her purpose and passion... her work with all these amazing people finding their way to her.

Allyson Hoffmann. Game Changer.

- Career Profiler & Personal Advisor -

Individual career profiling & personalized advising for High Performer and Top Talents. Long and short term.

Private Clients. 

Career-Image… laying out frame of possible Career paths in Business & post Sports matching individual Performance Potentials /

decision making for the next Career step / realization plan and implementation

Leadership-Style… creating authentic inside out Image of individual Leadership Personality aligned to individual Leadership Potentials

Money-Mindset… how to make Money and Sales of all sorts authentically with individual set of Money Potentials


Company Clients.

As above profiling for High Performer and Top Talents to up-level individual Career & Leadership Performance /

Personal advising -  personalized perspectives for routines and challenges in individual Leadership


National and international.

Hamburg. Skype/Zoom.

English and German.


For questions and bookings please use the contact-form below or mail to


Allyson Hoffmann

Game Changer

Career - Leadership - Money


Everything in your life starts and ends with Yourself.

Trust Yourself.


© 2020 Allyson Hoffmann

Allyson Hoffmann

Game Changer