Profiler. Expert. Advisor. Gamechanger.


For the human side of things.

Everything in your life starts and ends with Yourself.

Trust Yourself.



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The Profiler Allyson Hoffmann draws back the curtain, offering a detailed Image of the individual and unique Personality of a Person or a Business. Separated in the aspects of how to communicate and act best with the inside & outside world. Individual Insides leading to a strong Trust in one’s own Truth and Values. Leading to a clear Direction and the Knowing how to get to whatever is aimed for.


The Expert Allyson Hoffmann provides outstanding, profitable knowledge, new perspectives, wanted answers and successful ways to grow or change whatever it is that needs attention and improvement on the human side of things.

The Advisor Allyson Hoffmann is the person to turn to - for whatever advise is needed at the human side of things. Her remarkable ability to see the not yet unfolded beauty behind the obvious and to connect the dots in everyday life is the background to strengthen the people and businesses she is working with. In an out of the ordinary way. Leading them to new perspectives and to so far unconscious and unused capabilities to create a new level of success. 


And as the Gamechanger she insinpires to be bold and move towards the not done yet - the unthinkable - the individual uniqueness. Improving Trust in Yourself today for a tomorrow that right now you might not even imagine possible.

Individual Sessions. Think Tanks. Talks. Creating new perspectives and solutions and putting them into reality.




For those who want more on the human side of things she is a trusted Partner and reliable Backup. For example...


For Companies, Startups, Influencer  she is an excellent source to think Culture. Values. Leadership. anew. Reflecting what they are truly standing for. Empowering and initiating a new style of Purpose. Direction. Success.

For COs, Owners, Politicians the question to answer is how to express personal Skills. Strength. Personality. best, to be a valuable, acknowledged, sought after, inspiring Leader in this ever commanding world. 

For High Performance Sportspeople it is all about the next level of Performance. Or overcoming Blockade or Crisis.

For Youngsters, Top Talents the main focus lies on Identity. Direction. Purpose. Vision. How to get there authentically in the long run as well as identifying the next Career Steps leading the way.


For Actors she is an amazing Base of Knowledge bringing an enormous advantage to dive deep and authentically into their acting-roles at hand, understanding the variety of mechanisms provoking human behavior and emotions.

And there are the Dig Deepers who love to know more about themselves to become the Best Version of themselves.

Of course all true growth and change always begins on the human side of things and the spectrum has a great variety. Therefore understanding the concept of Individuality is... the key to Success.




Based on well over thirty years of national and international experience in her line of work and on multiple and diverse educations and studies... psychological, philosophical, mindsetting, mindfulness, nutrition, long distance sports and portrait/sports photography, her knowledge about the human side of things is broad and deep. She published the picture-book 'Polo meets Art' and is the creator of 'The Individuality Profiling'.


Allyson Hoffmann understands the individual mechanisms laying underneath behavioral patterns, triggering unique, individual performances & explains what doesn't work and therewith what does work to succeed the best way possible. She knows how to integrate direction-giving imprints and her ability to connect the dots of individual skills, values, purpose and message, inner and outer perception and successful communication is one-of-a-kind. 


Having a thing for variety and new she loves to create and initiate growth and change. She is getting under people’s skin and knowing their inner truth through her empathic ability. She is leading her clients to new perspectives, solutions and into the right actions. Empowering them to create new and satisfying success for themselves and others.




Her purpose is to strengthen those who want more. Those who want to improve and up-level the human side of things. To stand out. To make a difference. To make an impact. To inspire. To initiate solutions, change, success and satisfaction. In their Field of Expertise. In their Business. Career. Sport. In their Private Life. In our World.

You know Yourself. You trust Yourself. You win.


Unique and rewarding Advising. Long and short term Advising. Powerful and trustworthy Advising.

Individual Sessions. Think Tanks. Talks. English and German. National and International. Hamburg. Skype. Zoom. 

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© 2020 by Allyson Hoffmann


© 2020 Allyson Hoffmann

Allyson Hoffmann

Profiler. Expert. Advisor. Gamechanger.

For the human side of things.