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The Art of Individuality.

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Trust the Individuality.


Individuality is everywhere and empowers to move towards the not done yet - the unthinkable - the individual uniqueness.

The better the respective, recognizable, distinctive Individuality of a person, team, idea, goal, process, positioning is known the more effective it will lead to what is possible to achieve. Behind every great success a unique Individuality is at work.


The moment the identified Individuality is the starting point, the main source, the acting base, the broadcasting frequency - the Individuality becomes the magnetic value leading the way and...


The Performance. Communication. Image. grows into being a master play. Striking, successful and sought after.​ 

Work with Individuality.

Allyson Hoffmann unveils and brings to light the unique Individuality through ´The Individuality Profiling' to initiate change and growth. She empowers the Art of Individuality by laying bare strategies behind the obvious leading to favorable action. 

She strongly believes that Individuality is not only the key to success but the change of Culture, our Future is built on. Because Performance. Communication. Image. showing the true Individuality are a safe way to valuable satisfaction. 

From CEO Positioning to Talent Development to Brand & Culture Building to Image Composition to Competitive Sports Boosts to Art, Architecture and Advertising Backgrounds to Personal Growth & more... the unique Individuality makes all the difference.


The Art of Individuality.   -   People. Business. Sports. Art. Culture.   -   set-up, daily routine, crisis Consulting

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Background Allyson Hoffmann

Based on well over thirty years of national and international experience in her line of work on the human side of things and on multiple and diverse educations and studies... psychological, philosophical, mindsetting, mindfulness, nutrition, long distance sports and portrait/sports photography, her knowledge about the human side of Individuality is broad and deep.


She published the picture-book 'Polo meets Art' and is the creator of 'The Individuality Profiling'. 

Her work is trusted all over the place... Europe - United States - Caribbean - Australia - Singapore. 


Individual Sessions. Think Tanks. Talks.  -  English. German.  -  National. International.  -  Skype. Zoom. Google.

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The Art of Individuality.



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