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The Identity Matrix.

In the center of a person there is a mountain…


The incorruptible path to professional & personal success.


Welcome, leaders & investors of growth & transformation. To the future concept of Individuality in Business. 

Who you are.

If you see yourself as a leader / investor who wants to initiate much needed growth & transformation through providing personal resources, material or immaterial, and wants to be sure to invest in the right direction... you are at the right place. Because The Identity Matrix. is all about Identity & Integrity - which are the essence of all successful growth & transformation. In a Person. In a Team. In a Business. In the World. Everywhere.

Self- & Public Identity.

As with any external success, the story first begins with an honest look in the mirror. The quality of self-reflection determines the understanding of the Identity of oneself, the team and the situation, brings with it Integrity and thus defines the quality and the success of the Self- & Public Identity. Growth & transformation then reflect this quality. 

The Identity Matrix. allows these qualities to be enhanced. Through gaining new insights and achieving a new understanding of the Self- & Public Identity of a person or a team. Why happens what happens, how growth & transformation is brought about and how the own Identity becomes not only an empowering approach but a successful lifestyle. Both professionally & personally.

Team Identity.

The essence of the future concept of Individuality is to create teams in which the combination of all  member’s individual values create a perfect synergy to support and achieve the addressed overall outcome.

In more cases than one would like, business failures are due to an aspect that is usually neglected in the business world… the human part of things. To secure any investment, The Identity Matrix. provides a team constellation analysis that offers clarity as to whether the individual Identity & Integrity background of the leader and the leadership team supports the intended success and inspires others along the way. As the Matrix is all about winning through Identity & Integrity instead of failing because of it, it also presents key statements and matching strategies of how to improve and optimize the process of growth & transformation.

The Matrix & I.

It took a lifetime of growth & transformation, both personally and professionally, to create The Identity Matrix.


When I started with the idea of wanting to create something like an operating manual for human beings I wasn’t aware how non existent the knowledge to achieve that actually was at that time. The process took, almost exactly to the day, 35 years to find the knowledge in bits and pieces all over the world, bring them together, test them over and over again, develop them further, connect the dots for new understanding and be fine with constantly dealing with how things are not working to come to the conclusion of how they do work. The Identity Matrix. is the result of a life dedicated to the evolving process of humans.


All in all I can not say I loved every step of the way but I would do it all over again to get to the depth The Identity Matrix. offers. Because I for sure love providing life changing values to my clients, their lives and their ventures.


The work of Allyson Hoffmann is trusted in… Europe - United States - Caribbean - Australia - Singapore. 


Every person and situation is unique and so is the work with The Identity Matrix. 

There is a variety to choose from... 1on1  &  group session  /  team analysis  /  different focuses.


For your individual way... contact


Office located in Hamburg. Germany.  /  English & German  /  Skype. Google. Zoom.

Allyson Hoffmann

Expert for Identity & Integrity.

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® 2024 The Identity Matrix.

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